ClearClimate is happy to announce our upcoming session on ICT based changing behaviours to embrace the green revolution at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) organized by the International Telecommunicaton Union (ITU), UNESCO, UNPD and UN Trade & Development.

ICT has permeated all aspects of people’s lives, constantly reshaping how we connect with society and nature. Beyond its indirect influence on human behavior, ICT is recognized for its pivotal role in both formal and informal education, increasingly serving as a tool for behavioral change. The efficacy and sustainability of business activities in green transitions heavily depend on the utilization of ICT to enhance efficiency and promote sustainability. However, the role of ICT becomes more nuanced when viewed as a catalyst for behavioral change.

This session aims to delve into practical initiatives utilizing ICT-based solutions for behavioral change in the green transition of both society and businesses. Our approach is rooted in existing exemplary cases. For instance, the EU-funded project GreenScent – Smart Citizen Education for a Green Future – has effectively demonstrated the power of ICT in educating and empowering the people of Europe to alter their behavior towards the environment, fostering empathy for the planet. The networks ClearCLIMATE, COST LEAD ME and ACCESSCAT are three examples of successful networks working towards digital inclusion for all people, not forgetting sustainability. Building upon this success, the new project ClearClimate takes further strides in discovering engaging approaches and services for impactful climate actions.

Therefore, we aim to a) uncover innovative approaches that harness the potential of ICT to inspire and facilitate shifts in people’s behaviours towards green future, and b) the need to generate meaningful networks to engage different stakeholders.