Are you ensuring that your communication about climate change is accessible to all? Can everyone access the content present in your image? In your video? In your social media posts? Discover the Climate Advocacy Toolkit, developed in collaboration with the GreenSCENT Project, TransMedia Catalonia, and ClearClimateProject. This toolkit places accessibility at the core of effective climate communication. It offers eight recommendations to enhance the inclusivity of your climate/environmental messages, including implementing Alt Text, optimizing colour contrast, using audio descriptions, strategically placing emojis, creating clear subtitles, adopting Easy Language and more.

The toolkit is designed to help content creators, activists, and organizations drive change, raise awareness, and engage a diverse audience by making climate information accessible for all. By integrating these practices into communication strategies, everyone, regardless of their abilities, can access and understand vital climate information.

Download the toolkit, use it, and share it: